A turn around in success for Scout group

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Two years ago the 1st Nuthall Beaver Scout group was in dire straits and close to folding.

But in a recent change of fortune, seven of the group members have achieved their coveted Chief Scout Bronze Awards.

At a prestigious presentation ceremony which took place at Nottinghamshire County Council’s headquarters, commander Judith Swann the deputy lord lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, presented the awards to Nuthall’s magnificent seven’.

Eve Bain, Jamie Wright, Matthew Winson, Josh Carter, Jack Deaton, Jack Genner and Jack Hankin took pride of place at the ceremony which was attended by supportive parents and special guests including county council Chairman John Allin, Nuthall parish councillor Philip Owen, and the Scout group’s chairman Paul Simpson.

Beaver leader Simon Wright and district commissioner Dawson Saxton, officiated at the presentation which began with four new Beavers, Harry Connelly, Miller Sugden, Jacob Roberts and William Buxton, being invested into the Scout group by Commander Swann, who presented them with special badges and neckerchiefs.

Dawson Saxton heaped praise on 1st Nuthall’s leaders, who have breathed new life into the group, and supportive parents who he said have made ‘immense contributions in the past year’.

Months of training by Simon Wright earned him his stripes and Mr Saxton presenting him with a special certificate of welcome, which confirmed his status as a fully fledged leader.

The Scout group chairman Paul Simpson and his council colleague Philip Owen expressed their pride at the rise in fortunes of the Beaver Scout group.

“It is a real success story and all credit to everyone who has helped to put the Nuthall Beavers back on the map,” said Mr Simpson.