A vital part of the community


This note is to assure you of our support for your campaign to keep the Foresters Arms open.

My wife was born in this area and has been part of Newthorpe all her life. Her uncle kept the farm a few doors away from you and owned the butcher’s shop across the road from you for many a year. I have only lived in Newthorpe since 1958.

My wife’s grandfather and grandmother, John and Hannah Naylor, were joint landlords of the Forester’s Arms from 1905 until 1933. Therefore, there are family memories of a hundred years ago. Pints were lined up at shift changing times at the New London Pit, which was situated at the corner where the industrial estate towards Baker Road, (known as Short’s Corner) so that the miners could call in for a drink on their way home. If they stayed too long, Mrs Naylor would send them home ‘to get their dinner’.

The Foresters was also used as a temporary mortuary when there was a pit accident, which was too often.

Mrs Naylor attended the Newthorpe Baptist Chapel along the road, she was well respected by the local community. My grandfather often preached at Newthorpe Baptist and was always invited for tea at the Foresters, he was a non-drinker! People understood and supported one another in those days.

The Foresters has always been a major part of the village, hosting clubs and societies and Mrs Naylor who was a competent seamstress, had at one time, a group of seven apprentices meeting in the club room.

Therefore, as the Foresters Arms has a long history of involvement in the village life, we feel it is vital to keep this one remaining pub in Newthorpe open.

I was minister of the Baptist Chapel for eighteen years and we have always had a good relationship with the Foresters.

Although we are not regulars, we firmly believe that the Foresters Arms gives a great service to the community and if it were to close, part of the heart of the community would be ripped out. Newthorpe would become just another housing estate and the community spirit would be lost.

Rev Bryan and Mrs Janet Keyworth