Act now to save bus pass

A petition hoping to force politicians to make solid promises that they will protect bus passes for older, blind and disabled people at the next election.

The Love the Bus Pass Campaign calls for the England concessionary bus pass to be retained as a statutory universal entitlement, free at the point of use.

It received over 150,000 signatures last year and delivered them to 10 Downing Street.

Campaign co-ordinator Richard Worrall said: “In three months, 110,000 pen-on-paper signatures were collected - testament to widespread fears about the future of the bass pass.

“To date no political party has made clear and unequivocal commitment to retaining the bus pass in its present form.”

Conservative minister Brandon Lewis called for a reform on the bus pass as early as 2011, and since then the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has brought forward the idea of means-tested passes - putting an end to millionaires joy-riding the bus for free.

Mr Worrall added: “We simply must ensure all politicians understand that they attack the bus pass at their electoral peril!”

To request a petition form email or call 01922 641 084 with your name and address.