Advertiser Talking Point – Residents walk tram route

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RESIDENTS were invited to walk the route of the proposed phase three tram route to Kimberley, extending from Phoenix Park into the town.

Chair of Kimberley, Eastwood & Nuthall Tram Action Group (KENTAG) and Kimberley councillor Andy Cooper organised the walk supported by Cllr Steve Barber and Cllr Richard Robinson.

Cllr Cooper said “I was impressed by the level of interest, we’ve obviously got to keep the momentum going and our strategy over the next three years involves keeping tabs on how the county council responds to increasing pressure for public transport solutions to increasing traffic congestion.”

n Cllr Cooper also wrote a letter which you can see above, but what do you think of the campaign to extend the tram route to our area?

Let us know at, or alternatively drop your letter into our new community postbox at Sweet News, 51 Nottingham Road, Eastwood.