ALIAS GATE: Broxtowe council ‘can’t function after Labour defiance’

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Broxtowe Labour’s defiance of a majority vote could tear the council’s cabinet apart, the Advertiser has been told.

The decision to ignore a vote asking for Cllr Richard Robinson’s suspension has been described as dangerous, and could bring Broxtowe BC to a grinding halt.

After news of council leader Milan Radulovic’s decision to keep Richard Robinson on the cabinet, Liberal Democrat head David Watts said it will cause significant problems.

He added: “The partnership cannot proceed into the foreseeable future - we are not prepared to sit down in the cabinet with Richard there.

The will of the council needs to be respected. If Milan ignores the votes, he’s not respecting the council.

“It’s likely to make the cabinet unable to function and we are backed in as corner to make that happen to make labour see sense.

There are important things for the council to talk about including the budget next week, and if we can’t do any business then it raises serious questions about the councils ability to do anything at all.”

He added: “We won’t just sit back and let the vote be ignored.”

MP for Broxtowe Anna Soubry said the decision was “unbelievable”.

She added: “I’m very disappointed in Milan.

“He and I may not agree politically but he’s always been very sensible.

“I know he’s not been well but I think he’s lost the plot on this.”

Robinson admitted of his own volition that he’s done something wrong, added the conservative MP.

Councillors voted 19-13 at a full meeting at Broxtowe BC asking for Labour’s Richard Robinson to step down pending enquiry.

The Kimberley representative is under pressure after encouraging the use of aliases in lobbying efforts. He told a pro-tram lobbyist asking about posting in local media: “Get your comments in. If you have to use your aliases...”

But council leader, Milan Radulovic defied the motion and told the Advertiser: “they have no right to ask him to resign”.

Anna Soubry MP said: “It smacks of an arrogance that comes from a one party domination - we need a political democracy where everyone is represented.

“This is what happens when people have been in power for too long, they feel they are above the democratic wish of the council.”

Acting Labour leader Pat Lally was not available for comment.