ALIAS GATE: Broxtowe leader defies majority vote

Cllr Richard Robinson with petitions of support for a cinema at Giltbrook retail park.
Cllr Richard Robinson with petitions of support for a cinema at Giltbrook retail park.

Broxtowe’s Labour party is to ignore a vote asking shamed councillor Richard Robinson to step down, we can reveal.

After a motion upheld that Mr Robinson should leave his senior position, council leader Milan Radulovic said he won’t be dismissing his colleague, calling the vote nothing more than a “political stunt”.

Cllr Robinson, who represents Kimberley on Broxtowe Borough Council, has come under fire after appearing to encourage the use of aliases to promote a new tram extension.

The council voted 19 to 13 last week in favour of Cllr Robinson stepping down temporarily to await the outcome of a standards committee investigation.

But Mr Radulovic said: “They can’t ask him to resign.”

All “hiring and firing” powers go to him, he confirmed.

He added: “Richard is being looked at by an outside body and until the results are known... we will wait until then.

“It was a politically motivated stunt and there were other people who have complaints, and I don’t expect anyone to step down while they are being investigated.

“There is a judicial process that was voted on unanimously by the council - so I’m not dismissing anybody.”

“I’m not ignoring the vote,” Cllr Radulovic stressed.

Councillors claim the motion had to be amended following advice from head of legal services, Phil Horsfield, that a vote of no confidence would be inappropriate before the enquiry was concluded.

But Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry called the referral to a standards board “delaying tactics”.

She said before the news of Robinson’s safe seat on the cabinet: “An enquiry into what? There is no need for an enquiry because he knows what he did and he admitted it.”

Liberal Democrat councillor David Watts said earlier in the week that he was expecting a prompt announcement that Mr Robinson would step down.

“But we’ve been met by a wall of silence,”

He had previously noted: “It would be totally wrong to resist the motion.

“Not only would it be dangerous for him, it would be dangerous for the whole council.”

The cleader of Broxtowe’s Liberal Democrats also noted that labour councillors do not appear to acknowledge the amended motion.