ALIAS GATE: Broxtowe MP slams Robinson enquiry as ‘delay tactics’

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MP for Broxtowe Anna Soubry has struck out against the local council’s decision to withdraw a full motion of no confidence against Cllr Richard Robinson.

She told the Advertiser of her outrage that Cllr Robinson has not “had the guts” to step down following the news that the Kimberley representative would only be faced by a vote to step down while an enquiry is made into his actions.

She said: “There is absolutely no need for an enquiry because he knows what he did and he even admitted it live on Radio Nottingham.

“He know’s what he’s done and I’m frankly appalled that he just hasn’t got the guts to step down from the cabinet.

“This is just delaying tactics,” she added.

Cllr Robinson admitted to encouraging a pro-tram campaigner to flood local media with positive letters, while using aliases to make them appear local.

He is to face a motion to step down pending the outcome of an enquiry tonight, February 29, at a full council meeting at Town Hall, Foster Avenue, Beeston.

“What it is, is arrogance,” Ms Soubry continued. “On top of this you have councillors spouting racists remarks in meetings, you have Milan Radulovic, who swore at a voter, and when he was asked to apologise he didn’t – he just told her to p*** off.

“The labour party has been treating Broxtowe Borough council as it’s own personal business for too long. I don’t care whether it’s the Conservatives, the Lib Dems, the greens… but someone has got to put an end to their stranglehold.

“I’m frankly appalled that he hasn’t had the guts to step down from the cabinet.”

“This is a man who as well as working at Broxtowe, who also works for an MP in Luton. He asked someone to write letters using fake names, aliases. And he has done this before. And this is to your own paper, the Advertiser. Newspapers publish letters thinking they are genuine and reflect the views of their readers, and he abused that.”

But she was clear in refuting any idea that Cllr Robinson was somehow in cahoots with the person who suggested using aliases, David Cockle, the managing director of Leewood Projects, a construction management company and contractor to NET.

She added: “I don’t think for one minute he has anything to do with David Cockle, partly because I don’t think he has the brains for that kind of thing.”