ALIAS GATE: Kimberley Councillor voted against at Broxtowe BC

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Broxtowe Borough Councillor Richard Robinson has been voted against in an unprecedented motion of no confidence.

At a full council meeting at the Town Hall on Foster Avenue, Beeston, councillors voted 19 votes to 13 in favour the cabinet member stepping down from his senior post at least temporarily.

The Portfolio holder for Jobs and Business Development, and a firm supporter of a tram extension through Kimberley, has been asked to step down while the Standards Select Committee investigates his actions in encouraging the use of aliases by campaigners.

Liberal Democrat Cllr David Watts stressed the motion had nothing to do with party politics.

He said: “It’s about honesty and integrity.”

In a vote, the council set a precedent for what should happen in these circumstances, said Mr Watts.

But only a slim majority agreed with him.

The council heard the details of the complaint against Cllr Robinson, who in a conversation with members of the pro-tram online group KENTAG told a lobbyist: “Get your comments in. If you have to use your aliases...”

Cllr Robinson made no comment to the council.