ALIAS GATE: Robinson’s fate decided tonight

Councillor Richard Robinson is to hear tonight whether his colleagues at Broxtowe Borough Council have lost faith in him or not.

Having referred himself to a standards board, the motion to be heard tonight at a full council meeting starting at the town hall at 7pm has been amended.

It now asks the council if he should step down from cabinet pending the outcome of an enquiry.

Broxtowe BC monitoring officer Phil Horsfield said: “It would not be appropriate for a vote of no-confidence under the circumstances.

Liberal Democrat Cllr David Watts who supports the motion, said “This motion to stand down hinges on exactly the same thing - acting the right way and being seen to act in the right way. And when you encourage people to use false names that’s not being seen to act in the right way. It’s a question of public trust, and the public trust isn’t there at the moment.”

The motion comes after Cllr Robinson admitted to encouraging tram campaigners to use pseudonyms online for the purpose of posing as local people.

This is believed to be the first such vote in Broxtowe’s history.

Cllr Robinson has had support from colleagues in the labour party, including council leader Milan Rudalovic.

He said: “I accept what he did was misguided but I back him wholeheartedly.”

“I wouldn’t back a vote on this against anybody – this has been driven by someone’s own political expediency and for no other reason.”

Cllr Robinson responded: “I would like to thank Cllr Radulovic for his unwavering support. Also to residents throughout the borough who have contacted me in the same manner.”

Bus Pass Elvis Party’s David Laurence Bishop, who recently came above the Liberal Democrats in a Clifton North by-election, remarked on twitter yesterday: “Broxtowe Council shud open pub calld “the NET & Fiddle” & make Cllr Richard Robinson the landlord.