All set for charity loading day

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Hundreds of portable water filtration pumps to provide clean drinking water for children in Central America areamong items in a West Hallam charity’s latest aid shipment this weekend.

The pumps, which cost just £20 and are so simple that children can use them, help to protect them from dirty water.

Founder of the Children of Honduras Trust, Jennifer Cox, said: “There is no safe drinking water in Honduras and those that we are seeking to help struggle to feed and clothe their families, so expensive bottled water is not an option,”

Other items going out in the 38th annual shipment on Saturday include clothes, shoes, toiletries, medical equipment, toys – and even toilets and sinks.

Aid has been given by individuals, businesses, churches, schools and other organisations across the country as well as Derbyshire throughout the year.

See photos in next week’s Advertiser.