Allotment to get people into work

Sue Mc Entee
Sue Mc Entee
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A KIMBERLEY resident has come up with a modern-day eco-friendly idea for a community allotment to get the unemployed back into work.

Susan McEntee believes the community garden would provide the unemployed a useful job, the local supermarkets with locally-grown produce, and said the venture could be ‘the future’ for the working world.

The Truman Street resident envisages the allotment would initially be volunteer-run to get it off the ground, perhaps providing food for the elderly and the poor.

Ms McEntee thinks the work would be particularly good for school-leavers struggling to find work and has appealed for backing to get the project off the ground.

“There are a lot of young people who can’t find work and are doing something unproductive,” she told the Advertiser.

“The Government gives unemployed people money for doing nothing and there’s a lot of unemployed people out there who are fit and healthy to do work.

“It’s a common sense sort of approach to me.

“As we need the environment to be improved, we need to grow our own food. Our shops could sell it all and people would love it, I know they would.”

Eventually the eco-friendly resident sees it becoming a Government-run project to get people into work, and local organic produce would be sold in shops across Eastwood and Kimberley.

“It could become part of the working system for how we live in the future,” she added.

“It would be like a turning point for working on the land again instead of working in a call centre.

“I think we should be going more that way nowadays anyway and I think people would get a lot more out of that.”

Ms McEntee, who suggested the Kimberley brewery woods as one location for the garden, has an allotment in Kimberley herself,

She said: “I am very environmentally conscious and I increasingly look for food produced locally and without pesticides, and I can say that is increasingly difficult.”

She has written a letter to Kimberley Town Council suggesting the idea, and wants district and county councillors to help fund the project with their council grants.