Andy Browning

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With the weather warming up, it’s tempting to fling the windows open and carry on with the housework or gardening. But make sure you’re not leaving your home open to thieves.

If you decide to go out into the garden or upstairs, make sure you lock your doors – it only takes seconds for an offender to go into your house and steal your belongings.

Shed security is also important as the items in there can be extremely valuable and yet easily accessible due to the flimsy wooden construction. The tools, if stolen, can also be used to break into your house. Simple steps can help to put off potential thieves:

Fit a tough pad bar.

Fit strap hinges secured with coach bolts.

Chain items together or to a ground anchor with a good quality chain.

Make a note of serial numbers and mark property. You can register your belongings on

Use security lighting.

Fit a battery-operated alarm.

In your shed, home and car, make sure that you don’t leave anything on display to tempt passers-by.

We have made some good arrests to reduce crime in the area but we need your help to keep your property safe. Earlier this month a prolific shoplifter was jailed for eight months after admitting 18 offences. The Eastwood man was also wanted for recall to prison.

Officers are working hard to rid the streets of drugs and target the dealers.

A man and a woman from Eastwood have been arrested this month on suspicion of possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply.

If you have any information about crime in the area call us on 101.