Anger at housing consultation

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Residents in Kimberley claim there has been a lack of consultation about housing development plans in the area.

People who turned up to the parish hall meeting to discuss the controversial Core Strategy last week said they felt ‘angry’ at what they perceived to be a lack of public consultation.

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry was at the meeting and agreed there had been a ‘pitiful lack of consultation’. She said Broxtowe Borough Council should have worked with the campaign group Save Our Brewery Site and the town council to ‘look at how jobs could be created and community facilities improved’.

But the portfolio holder for planning at Broxtowe, David Watts, said: “We have worked with every group in publicising this in every way we can. There were people at the meeting who said they hadn’t heard about it and that is a matter for concern. I have asked people to let me know if they didn’t receive the leaflets that went out, and so far I’ve only had one person contact me to say they haven’t.”