Anger at markings plan

Councillor Richard Robinson at the junction of Maws Lane with Hardy Street in Kimberley.
Councillor Richard Robinson at the junction of Maws Lane with Hardy Street in Kimberley.

A Kimberley councillor has slammed proposals to put double yellow lines in a congested road.

Nottinghamshire County Council is proposing to put double yellow lines along Maws Lane in a bid to ease some of the congestion.

However, Councillor Richard Robinson said the plans will make the situation worse.

Coun Robinson, Broxtowe Borough Council Labour member for Kimberley, said: “Spending money on double yellow lines is going to do nothing to ameliorate the situation for residents in and around Maws Lane who live with daily problems the county council continues to ignore.

“In fact it will only exacerbate matters further.

“The effect of what the county council is proposing will push vehicles onto other overcrowded roads.

“This has already happened with the bollards that are now installed.

“One of the major problems in this vicinity is the location of the bus stop on Eastwood Road – countless times we have asked for the county council to move it, as buses stopping here cause major congestion. The county council ignore this.

“The double yellow lines are ridiculous – it’s an attempt to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.

“A number of residents in and around Maws Lane have been in touch stating how disappointed they are with what the county council is proposing.”

One nearby resident, who declined to be named, said: “Personally, I don’t think this will make one bit of difference.

“The parking is a nightmare, but nobody parks where they are planning to put the lines anyway.

“If they want to sort parking, then drop all the kerbs to the drives, so people don’t park on the road.

“The main issue is with the flow of traffic and drivers failing to read road markings and the lack of signage at the bottom of the road.

“The only sign is bent. Signage needs to be much clearer at the top and bottom of the road, so drivers know when to give way and when to go.”

Last year, the county council spent £25,000 on taking away parking bays outside four businesses, widening the pavement and installing bollards in Eastwood Road near to the junction with Maws Lane.

The idea was this would also improve congestion and visibility at the junction.

However, business owners nearby campaigned to get the works reversed, claiming it did nothing to help the problems.

A spokesmanfor Via East Midlands, which manages the county’s highways on behalf of the county council, said: “Issues with drivers parking on Maws Lane, near the junction with Eastwood Road, have been reported which inhibits the free movement of vehicles up and down Maws Lane and through the give and take section. It is therefore proposed to increase the parking restrictions.”

In order to provide additional on-street parking, Via is looking at shortening the yellow lanes in nearby Awsworth Lane.

Coun Philip Owen, county council Conservative member for Kimberley and Nuthall, said: “The problem was caused by cars parking on the main road in front of the shops, causing visibility issues for vehicles entering the main road from Maws Lane.

“The yellow lines will prevent obstructive parking to improve further the safety of the junction.