Anger at police station cuts


Myself and fellow Lib Dem councillors are outraged at Labour-led Police Authority plans to close several police stations in Nottinghamshire.

I encourage all local residents to take part in the public consultation to let their Labour councillors know they are not happy with the decision to close front counters, contact points and 15 stations.

Eastwood, Kimberley, Kirkby and Sutton stations all look to lose out and it is feared that crime could increase as a result.

It is infuriating and hypocritical that Gloria De Piero is slamming police cuts when it is her own party here in Notts who are guilty of slashing the service and being soft on crime.

For years, Labour have mismanaged our Police Authority and they continue to fail by making unnecessary cuts to the frontline.

As Nick Clegg has said, impending police cuts can be manageable and made without harming frontline services. Yet Labour continue with their plans to shut stations.

The recent riots have already cost Nottinghamshire Police more than £1m, and this is before any changes are made. I can’t reinforce enough that now is not the right time to shut our stations.

Keith Longdon

Eastwood Town and County councillor and Lib Dem lead on Notts Police Authority