Anger at wait for insurance repairs

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A WOMAN in Brinsley is angry at the lack of response she has had from insurers after a neighbour’s roof tiles fell in her garden and damaged her property.

Janet Enever has been waiting to hear from Broxtowe Borough Council’s insurance company since February when the wind blew her neighbour’s tiles into her garden, scratching her back door and damaging a precious ornament.

She said she has written several letters and made a number of phone calls but has received nothing back from Broxtowe Borough Council, and only one letter back from the council’s insurers Gallagher and Bassett.

“I’ve had nothing back whatsoever,” she said. “They are ignoring my letters, phone calls, and I am just not getting anywhere with it.

“Every time I ring up they don’t even return my calls or acknowledge them.”

Mrs Enever claims she was told by the firm that she would have a response in 21 days but nearly three months later and she says she is still waiting.

She took photos for evidence and paid a visit to the Citizens Advice Bureau, who advised her that the letters should have been acknowledged.

“There’s marks all over my back door,” she said. “There’s scratches all down it and chunks taken out of it.

“I wondered what on earth was happening when they (the tiles) all came tumbling in.”

Mrs Enever also had an ornament, worth £200 and bought for her by her children, damaged in the accident.

The 61-year-old said when the incident first happened the council said on the phone that she would not be able to claim because the damage was ultimately caused by the wind but she claims an independent builder has testified the damaged happened because the tiles on the roof had not been maintained properly.

A spokesman for Broxtowe Borough Council said the matter is still being investigated and no decision has yet been made with regards to her claim.

The council refused to comment further because of the borough elections which took place yesterday.