Angry at bus route changes

NEAA 22-08-12 BE 7 Eastwood bus route change. Phil and Carol Turner.
NEAA 22-08-12 BE 7 Eastwood bus route change. Phil and Carol Turner.

An Eastwood man has blasted the town’s bus service after routes changed leaving his wife who suffers Diabetes struggling to get about.

Phil Turner, who lives off Scalby Close, said to get to Morrisons his wife has to walk 500 yards to Derby Road first or catch a bus that takes 20 minutes travelling around Eastwood.

“A five minute journey now takes more than 20 minutes,” he said.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s either that or she has to walk all the way to Derby Road and she struggles with her walking.”

As a result of the changes he said he can no longer get a quick bus to the library either.

He has to change buses or do a 50 minute journey, he said.

“It’s taking longer no matter where you go,” he added. “There’s a lot of elderly people on Scalby Close who are very angry.

“There’s not even been any consultation. At least take time to ask people who use the buses for their opinion.”

The changes have seen the 103 route run by Doyle’s Bus Service has stopped, with part of it incorporated into the 102.

But the firm’s general manager Mervin Sanders said: “There’s not a road in Eastwood not served that was previously. Everyone still gets an hourly service. It might be provided in a different way, but it’s not lost.”

Mr Sanders said the service now also continues into early evening on Saturday, whereas it did not before.

A new 330 service has also recently been introduced which offers travel from Eastwood to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.