Annoyed at ‘ignored’ car parking petition

Parking ticket 3
Parking ticket 3
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An Eastwood man who submitted a petition to the council to get one hour free parking increased to two hours branded the move ‘a complete waste of time’.

David Page handed Broxtowe Borough Council a petition to increase the one hour free parking in the town’s car parks to two hours, but said his petition was as good as ‘ignored’.

Mr Page, who attended the council meeting to hand the petition over to councillors, said: “I was warned not to bother because someone else had attempted it and got nowhere.

“I was told I would be wasting my time.

“My letter was read out and the petition was handed to the Mayor and that was the end of that. It was buried under a pile of paperwork. It was not commented on, and no questions were asked. Someone then stood up with a petition about a bus route being re-instated in Beeston and a long discussion ensued.”

Mr Page and his Booktown Club - a group looking at ways to get more shoppers in the town - collected 120 signatures at two community events.

He received a response back from the council which he felt was justa ‘rubber stamped letter’.

A spokesperson for Broxtowe Borough Council said: “If someone hands in a petition at council it’s passed on to the service area for consideration. They respond to the petitioner and the outcome is published on the website. It is given proper consideration and is not ignored. There is no such thing as free car parking, someone has to pay for repairs, patrolling, lighting and management.

“This is either users of the car parks or the general taxpayer. With the present free one hour parking 85 per cent of users do not pay. Two hours free parking would reduce turnover and make it harder to find a space.”