Another takeaway to come to town?

NEAABE120111a1, Eastwood, Jonathan james shop closed.
NEAABE120111a1, Eastwood, Jonathan james shop closed.

SHOPKEEPERS in Eastwood say they are saddened to see the town’s only shoe shop close down and fear the building will be turned into yet another charity shop or takeaway.

Jonathan James went bust forcing the Nottingham Road store to close and local traders said if many more retail shops close down it will kill the high street.

Jane Walsh at Co-operative Funeral Care said: “The only thing left in Eastwood is charity shops and eating places.

“It’s a shame. It’s killing the high street.

“You see people walking up and down and it’s sad really. I think the Post Office being here helps. If that went it would just kill the high street.

She added: “Where do youngsters find jobs? People who have been made redundant?”

Carol Martin owns Marshall Rowells textile shop next door to Jonathan James.

“It doesn’t do the town any good every little shop that shuts,” she said.

“It’s what’s going to be put there now it’s gone. Is it now going to be another charity shop or another takeaway?”

Ms Martin said Jonathan James had been in Eastwood for years and it will be missed, being the only shoe shop in town.

“It’s a real shame,” she said. “I can remember going in there when I was 17 so it must be at least 38-years-old because I’m 53 now.

“There’s not any other shoe shops in Eastwood. Peacocks sells a few shoes, but Jonathan James was great for older people and children.”

The shopkeeper said supermarkets were killing the high streets nationwide.

“Most people are going to Asda and Tesco nowadays. They sell clothes and shoes and people are just going and getting everything under one roof.”

Jonathan James went bust at the end of December.

A spokesman said: “The company has gone into liquidation. We are hoping to save some shops and will be approaching landlords to see if we can stay and negotiate new terms.”

At the end of last year Eastwood councillor Brian Griffin called for rates to be reduced to encourage more retailers to come to the town.