Anti-social trouble now a ‘nightmare’

anti-social behaviour
anti-social behaviour
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Anti-social behaviour in Eastwood is becoming an ‘intolerable nightmare’, says the town’s Neighbourhood Watch group.

The news has come as figures are released showing police and Broxtowe Borough Council failed to meet community safety targets between April and June this year.

An Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch meeting this week, packed out with townsfolk, was dominated by complaints about anti-social behaviour.

Acting chairman David Page said residents are now demanding action from police and Broxtowe Borough Council.

“The problem of anti-social behaviour by troublesome tenants has featured large at several of our previous meetings and now these determined residents were saying enough is enough,” he added.

He suggested creating a residents’ charter ‘to curb this growing menace’ that is ‘clearly blighting so many lives’.

Latest figures released by police and the council showed that anti-social behaviour rose by 14.4 per cent – 80 incidents above the target of 554.

And the number of recorded crimes in the borough was 1,228 – 19.3 per cent above target.

Broxtowe section inspector Craig Berry blamed some of the rise on the weather.

“The largest increase in crime over the first quarter was house burglary,” he said. “In particular where doors and windows have been left insecure by residents.

“Nottinghamshire police have launched the Summer Nights Burglary Campaign to raise awareness of the few simple steps residents should take in order to protect their property.”