Appeal for eyes and ears after robbery

After a pensioner was robbed by a woman who conned her way into his home, an appeal has been made for more Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators in Eastwood to look out for the elderly.

The town’s Neighbourhood Watch chairwoman Josie Marsters said more co-ordinators were needed to keep an eye out in their street, particularly looking out for vulnerable pensioners.

She said Eastwood ideally needed a co-orindator looking out for suspicious activity in every street, but currently there are just 12 roads covered in the entire town.

“Ideally every street should be covered with someone who can feedback concerns,” she said.

“A co-ordinators task is not an onerous one.

“We could do with more in the town’s hotspots, in particular, to communicate with me or their local councillor.

“In this day and age we want to be seen to be helping the police. They’re short of manpower now and we need to support their work.”

Mrs Marsters said people do not need to worry about the fear of reprisals.

“They can relay any concerns and everything is completely confidential.

“It’s handled with the upmost discretiton and confidentiality.”

Mrs Marters, who runs the Age Concern lunch club for pensioners at the Colin Dyson Centre, said a man in his 90s was recently robbed by a woman posing as somebody else, which prompted her appeal for more help.

“The pensioner, in his 90s, had been living with a lady he befiended at the local lunch club,” she said.

“She suffered with Dementia and eventually she had to move into a care home.

“But recently a woman appeared at hi door claiming ton have some information about his friend, so he let her in.

“As he went off to make her a cup of tea, she stole his money and left.

“She even had the cheek to return later the same day asking to use his toilet, to get into the house for a second time, but by this time he had sensed there was somehting wrong and thankfully did not let her in.”

The incident highlighted how important Neighbourhood Watch was, and how vulnerable the elderly were, Mrs Marsters said.

“Many don’t have family around and need their neighbours to look out foe them.

“It’s just terrible and just goes to show how vulnerable the elderly are.

“This is why we need more co-orindators. We need people to care for the elderly. People need to be more vigilent that they have vulnerable people living near them.”

Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch meetings are held quarterly, but it is not essential that the co-ordinators attend the meetings.