Appeal for ideas to save police stations

Kimberley police station.
Kimberley police station.

KIMBERLEY Town Council has called an urgent public meeting in the hope that local residents will come forward with some bright ideas to save their local police stations.

Both Nottinghamshire Police Authority’s chief executive and vice chairman will be at the meeting next Monday, September 5, where councillors hope residents might suggest revolutionary and alternative ways the force could save money.

Council chairman Roy Plumb said he hoped somebody might come forward with an ‘intelligent idea’ to give the police force ‘food for thought’.

“If someone comes with a bright idea it will give them (the Police Authority) food for thought to reconsider their positions,” he said,

“There’s always somebody who’s got a wonderful idea that no-one has though of. That’s what we want. Some original thinking. It doesn’t matter where they come form in the borough.

“We (councillors) have challenged several things, and nothing seems to have worked so far. But there’s often smarter members of the public who may have a valuable contribution to enable them to reconsider.

“Something that will save the force money and at the same time preserve the community’s policing structure,” he said.

It will be the second meeting the town council has called with senior members of the authority, but Cllr Plumb said this second meeting is principally for the public.

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“We want the public from the whole of the Broxtowe area to have an opportunity to attend and pass their opinions on to these senior people.

“If they have a valuable contribution to make, this is their chance. Hopefully we can get them to reconsider,” he said.

The meeting will be held at Kimberley Parish Hall at 7pm on Monday.

Kimberley Police Station has been earmarked for closure along with 11 others county-wide. Proposals also include closing 24 of the county’s 42 front counters along with the one at Eastwood.

A final decision will be made on September 21.

Last year the force closed 11 stations, and it has recently been revealed that Eastwood will be suggested for closure in the near future, as soon as the police force can find an alternative community base for the officers.

If Kimberley Police Station closes officers will be moved in to community bases at the Ikea security office, Nuthall Temple Centre and Kimberley Parish Hall.