Appeal for stricter regulation

A local animal sanctuary is calling on the Government for tighter regulation on the breeding and selling of pets after the worst year ever for unwanted animals.

Brinsley Animal Rescue is making the appeal after it took in a record number of unwanted pets last year, and was forced to turn 568 animals away.

The charity centre, run by Jon and Beth Hewis rescued 55 pets, 594 farm animals and 228 wild animals during 2012, but was forced to turn away 568 animals including 208 rabbits, 101 pet pigs and 94 cats.

Beth said: “It was very upsetting having to turn away so many unwanted pets and the situation is simply getting worse. It’s all too easy for people to get a pet from a petshop or breeder, then expect us to take it on a few weeks later. Sadly society treats pets as a disposable commodity these days. Too many people choose baby rabbits, kittens and puppies yet there are tens of thousands of unwanted healthy animals in rescue centres up and down the county desperate for loving homes.

“We need tighter regulation to force the pet industry to take responsibility. Why does the industry continue to breed so many pets and sell them unneutered which simply adds to the overpopulation?

I would also urge owners to take more responsibility and ensure their pets are neutered to prevent unwanted pets being born. We only see the tip of a very big iceberg, nationally the problem is simply an epidemic”.”