Appeal to catch hedge arsonist

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Yobs in Eastwood have been setting fire to hedges – and police say the culprits need to be found before a house goes up in flames.

Cops say there was spate of hedge fires back in August, and no one was caught.

Now they have started up again, and officers are appealing for the help of the public to catch those responsible.

Local Beat Manager PC Martin Battison said: “It is clear that the offenders are randomly targeting dry hedges and starting these fires for nothing more than fun and excitement.

“However the danger they are placing the residents of the targeted addresses in and other members of the public is grave.

“No-one can predict the speed at which a fire of this nature will spread and the possibility of it spreading to a house and endangering life is a real possibility.

“Before this happens I appeal to any member of the public who has witnessed any of these fires or anyone who has any information about them no mater how trivial it may seem to come forward and report it.”

The most recent arson attacks were on hedges in Woodland Way, Alexandra Street and Church Street on September 18.

The fire service was called on each occasion and the fires were brought under control before anyone got caught or they spread to nearby homes.

Anyone wishing to report anything can do so by calling 101 and speaking to directly the Police or can be done anonymously through crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.