Appeal to find brother’s pals

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A woman from Brinsley is trying to locate her brother’s old friends to help him mark his 50th birthday.

Sharon Finnegan’s brother, David Finnegan, suffers Huntington’s Disease and is now living in a home, and Sharon thought it would be nice if his friends paid him a visit to mark the milestone.

“There was a good group of them and they did so much together,” said Sharon, who lives in the family home on Broad Lane where David grew up.

“I thought it would be nice if his friends went to see him. It would be great for my brother to see some faces from the past.”

John, Sharpy and Baz were just some of the names that Sharon remembered of her brother’s mates who lived locally.

David got Huntington’s Disease in his late 20s and is now in a home in Chilwell called Catherine Tam House. He cannot walk or talk, but his mind operates perfectly normally.

“There’s nothing wrong with his mind. He knows exactly what’s going on around him. His finds it quite frustrating that he can’t get his feelings across,” said Sharon.

David’s 50th is on September 18.

People can get in touch with Sharon on 077105 29946.