Arson risk at derelict flats, warn Mansfield firefighters

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Firefighters say a derelict block of flats in Mansfield has become a hotspot for firebugs.

Two crews were called to the Victoria flats in Princes Street at 11.10pm on Monday March after a fire broke out in the ground floor.

The three-storey building has been left derelict for a number of years and firefighters from Mansfield say they have been called out to small rubbish fires there several times.

Five blocks of flats, along with council owned garages and the Moor Lane Community Centre, are due to be demolished by contractors Total Reclaims Demolition. Work was due to start this week.

The site will then be redeveloped for up to 50 new-build family homes, many of which will be available for sale or rent.

It is anticipated that the demolition work will take 12 weeks to complete.

Executive Mayor of Mansfield District Council Tony Egginton said: “The demolition of these flats will make way for the development of affordable housing and low cost home ownership.

“It will also help to redevelop a site, which has seen years of neglect and has become a bit of an eyesore. The council is committed to ensuring there is an adequate supply of good quality, well-managed housing that is accessible and affordable to those who need it.”