Artist’s plan for Lawrence

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AN ARTIST has been given permission to take soil from the birthplace of DH Lawrence to paint a portrait of the Eastwood author.

Adrian Lloyd was inspired to start making pigments from soil after hearing tales about his late father being told off as a child for coming home covered in mud.

He said: “I’ve heard the stories of how my dad would be told off because the soil in Kimberley was a red colour and it got me thinking about how I could use it in my art work in some way.

“At that time I’d drawn out a portrait of my daughter and was trying to think of a way to paint it that was a bit unusual so I tried the soil.”

Since then Adrian has used soil in other works.

The former landscape gardener added: “It’s a really nice way to add a personal and sentimental touch to a portrait.

“I’ve painted both my children’s portraits with soil from places I relate to them and that’s the unique thing about the way I work.

“I don’t think there’s any other artist in the world doing the same thing.

“I’m really excited about the DH Lawrence project.”

After injuring his back while working as a landscape gardener Adrian started painting again after 25 years.

He now hopes to take commissions and make a living from the venture.