Ashfield Lib Dem sends out dodgy leaflets... again

Campaign leaflet described as "mislieading". (Front adn back).
Campaign leaflet described as "mislieading". (Front adn back).

Eastwood Lib Dem hopeful Jason Zadrozny has been accused of “attempting to mislead” with campaign publications that uses uses an NHS logo has been described as suggesting endorsement from the NHS.

The county councilor for Sutton-in-Ashfield and prospective parliamentary candidate for Ashfield constituency, covering Kirkby, Hucknall and Eastwood was warned by NHS England not to use the health service’s logo after a previous debacle only two weeks ago, involving a survey which also used a similar logo.

But the Advertiser has received new reports of residents complaining his campaign literature “attempts to mislead” and suggests NHS endorsement, claiming he is “Our NHS champion”.

are In this latest leaflet, the candidate uses a coloured logo more similar to that of the real branding, claims to have “NHS information inside” and provides contact information and advice on the 111 service on the back page.

Norman Ramsden, a constituent in the Mansfield area, said the leaflet “gave the outward impression of being from the NHS.”

He added: “It is not until you get well inside the leaflets that it becomes clear that it is a Lib Dem leaflet.

“These leaflets are an attempt to deceive.”

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Another anonymous resident who wrote to Labour MP Gloria De Piero said she had received a leaflet, “which, to all intent and purpose, was from the National Health Service”.

She added: “On further reading I see it is a big promotion from Jason Zadrozny Liberal Democrat Party promoting himself.”

Mary Herne-Smith said: “It gives the impression that he is being backed in his campaign by the medical staff at King’s Mill.

“I feel that this is an unscrupulous way of campaigning and would like to know to whom I can make a formal complaint.”

A war over party leafleting has been raging for years in the constituency.

Mr Zadrozny attacked Labour in 2011 for making “false allegations” of failure to keep campaign promises in a leaflet the party was circulating.

A spokesperson for Cllr Zadrozny previously said: “We will not apologise to NHS bosses for discussing issues that affect local people. I think it is an insult to residents to claim that they have been somehow hoodwinked.”

His office is yet to respond to the new claims.

More as the story unfolds.