Averse to cars in town centre


May I submit a poem to highlight the dangers now encountered daily in our town when walking or shopping. It is not impossible that the build up of traffic could be re-routed to avoid the town centre and thus free up road space for pedestrianisation.

Keep ont corsey, once applied, now it’s all been cast aside,

Causeways were for us to stride, now they’re free for all to ride.

Prams and buggies, bikes and scooters, none of them equipped with hooters,

Shopping trolleys, chairs and wheels, sat-nav guidance, soon one feels,

Glad, I’m not a wheelchair user, glad I’m still a ped-wise chooser,

Safety should not be the loser, pavements for the abuser.

Town centres can be traffic free, walking space for you and me,

Obstructions moved, so we can see, will it come? Maybe, maybe,

Until that day, wait and see, until then, keep ont corsey.

Fred Skillington