Bank building to be gin bar

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A former bank in Eastwood could be given a new lease of life by being turned into a hotel with a gin bar in the basement.

The old Barclays Bank on Nottingham Road closed in November 2017, but now plans have been submitted to transform the empty three-storey Victorian building into a drinks venue.

In the heritage impact statement sent to Broxtowe Borough Council, Paul Gaughan Building Consultants set out the plans for the site.

It said: “The proposed works to the building are mainly internal, with several existing walls removed to 
accommodate the proposed use. The building will 
remain in a single use being a bar in the basement, with the upper floor being used as a hotel.

It is an imposing three-storey Victorian property with basement which has had its frontage tight to the public highway. It is highlighted within the Broxtowe Borough Council Conservation Area 
appraisal as a key building.

The roof is tiled with 
traditional Welsh slate. The building is characterised with regular horizontal stone bands while the upper floor windows have curved stone arched window heads.

Many of the upper floor windows are original simple sliding sashes with a single central vertical glazing bar.

It has a traditional frontage featuring common faced brickwork to its upper floors. The lower half of the building is painted stone façade built over the top of polished 
granite regular coursed tiles”.

Milan Radulovic, Labour councillor said: “I think the plans look interesting and they could really add to the vitality of the town centre.

Eastwood is a fantastic place with a great nightlife and brilliant restaurants, and this could add to that.

“Of course I am very 
disappointed the banks have decided to pull out of the town. They have treated their customers with utter contempt. But this use of an empty building looks promising.”

In a report to the council it says the client wishes to keep the ATM as well as the cash deposit, which will be kept as an historic feature..