Banned driver in high-speed car-chase through streets of Eastwood


A dangerous high-speed car-chase on the residential streets of Eastwood could have had “appalling ramifications” for members of the public, said a judge.

Luckily, no-one was injured in the chase, which ended with a banned driver fleeing police by running through gardens and jumping over hedges.

When officers finally caught up with the car, four wraps of cocaine were found inside, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

And the driver was sent to prison for 16 weeks by the judge, Recorder Edward Boydell, after admitting driving and drugs offences.

The chase happened at lunchtime on Friday, June 19 last year after 21-year-old Reece Palmer was spotted at the wheel of a Mini Cooper car.

The police knew he was disqualified and when he saw them, Palmer accelerated past, triggering a pursuit that reached speeds of 45mph for more than half a mile on narrow streets.

“Palmer’s car swerved, mounted a kerb and made several left-turns at speed when he couldn’t have known it was safe to do so,” Peter Pimm, prosecuting, told the court. “He also had to negotiate a traffic island.

“The police lost sight of him, but a member of the public saw him on Church Street and described his driving as fast and erratic. He pulled up behind a big hedge and escaped through gardens, jumping other hedges.”

Palmer, of Edwin Street, Daybrook, Nottingham, pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, driving without a licence and insurance, and also possession of cocaine.

His barrister, Christopher Hogg, mitigating, said the wraps, which each contained 2.85 grams of cocaine, were for his own personal use.

Of the car chase, Mr Hogg said: “He accepts that it might have been dangerous driving, but no cars or pedestrians had to take aversive action.”

However, in sentencing Palmer to four months in prison, he told him: “You put members of the public in danger.

“You were fortunate that no-one came into contact with you through your driving. You attempted to evade the police at high speed and then abandoned the car. You took blind turns without knowing what would face you -- and you did all this while disqualified from driving.

“These are serious offences, and the ramifications could have been appalling.”

The court heard that Palmer had several previous driving-related convictions on his lengthy criminal record. These included one in 2013 when he smashed into a lamp-post at Watnall, causing more than £1,000 worth of damage.

Palmer appeared in court as a serving prisoner after being sentenced only the previous week to 16 weeks in jail by Lincoln Crown Court for speeding and other motoring offences.