Battle to save carnival is over

15th June, Brinsley carnival, The tutan wagon
15th June, Brinsley carnival, The tutan wagon
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A LAST-DITCH effort to save the Brinsley Carnival has failed bring a sad an end to the historic 50-year tradition.

The under-staffed carnival committee organised one final meeting to give villagers the chance to help save the event, but nobody turned up.

Committee members agreed to hold the meeting to allow willing volunteers to come forward – despite holding a similar meeting earlier in the year which nobody attended – after people complained they did not know about the first meeting.

Committee chairman Roy Stephenson said: “We are extremely disappointed. It’s a shame there’s not enough interest. A great shame.”

Secretary Dawn Potts added: “People seem to want the carnival, but don’t want to help organise it. They just want it to happen.

“There’s nothing else we can do now.”

After nobody showed up to the first meeting and this year’s event was cancelled, people around the village complained it was not advertised enough and left comments on Facebook saying how disappointed they were.

But the only person to show up at the latest meeting was one of the organisers of Ilkeston Carnival, who agreed he would help try and revive the event.

The committee ‘scraped through’ with six members for last year’s event, but ideally they need eight people on board because they struggle for time while juggling full-time jobs.

Members will meet later in the year to distribute money left in the coffers between local community groups.