Be grateful for Christmas

At Christmas, many Christian believers run-the-gauntlet of negative attitudes and even open hostility toward the Season. I recently took part in a Christmas debate on an internet forum. 
During a flurry of posts in which strong resentment was shown toward the celebration of Christ’s birth a thought suddenly struck me that I now pass on in the hope that it will be useful to other believers who have to endure the unkind words of antagonists. 
Actually, the world at large should be so grateful for Christmas, particularly in these dark days of recession around the globe. Yes there are negatives that may create debt and misery but these are due, mainly, to secular greed rather than spiritual faith. 
If we view Christmas solely through the eyes of the economy, everyone should be extremely thankful for the season because every Christmas time there is a strong fillip in retail sales that helps to keep people in jobs and may well stave off the collapse of numerous commercial companies. 
Today’s sick economy desperately needs the life-support of the Christian Christmas; our harsh times being cushioned by the original concept arising from the gifts of the Wise Men presented to the baby Jesus, who, in turn, was God’s indescribable gift presented to the world. 
The sons and daughters, husbands or wives of those who despise this Christian celebration may, unknowingly, owe their ongoing income and lifestyle, year on year, to the very celebration derided; a practical truth that may well be worth repeating in the ears of our dissenters.

Ken Calder