Beaten up by ‘vicious scumbag’

A 61-year-old had his head split open by a thug in Eastwood after going to help a woman lying in the road.

The man stopped his car and went to the woman’s aid, but seconds later was badly beaten up by a man thought to be her partner.

A source close to him said he was in a state of shock’’ and called the attacker a ‘vicious scumbag’.

“He didn’t see him coming. As he was attending to her this vicious scumbag came running at him and knocked him for six.

“Therew sa vlood everywhere. He could have been killed.

“He’s in state of shock.

“These people are scumbags, nothing but scumbags,” she added.

It is thought the woman - lying in Nottingham Road between the library and the police station – either jumped out of a car or was pushed.

The man, driving from Hilltop with his 24-year-old daughter, had to have his head glued at hospital.

The source said he was a ‘good samaritan’ and a ‘hard working man’ who has it in his blood to help people.

The incident happened last Sunday evening between 7.30pm and 8pm.

A police spokesperson said it was a domestic incident and they were investigating it.