‘Beautiful lady’ is 100 years old

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Regarded as a ‘beautiful lady’ by care home staff, Anne Pratt celebrated her 100th birthday last week.

The birthday girl, who lives at Eastwood’s Ashton Court Care Home, was treated to a party and had visits from all her family and the town Mayor Brian Griffin, who presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

She had a telegram from members of parliament and a card from the Queen.

Anne went to Gilthill Primary School before embarking on busy working life where she was secretary at Elwins Printers, sales manager at Griffin and Spalding, manager of Clays dress shop in Eastwood and an employee at Sketchleys cleaners.

Married to Noel Pratt for more than 50 years, Anne was a leading light in the local community.

After the war, where she served in the women’s Civil Defence Corps, Elizabeth she made her mark as treasurer of the Parents and Teachers Association at Walker Street School.

Anne played a big part in organising pageants in the town, was an active member of Eastwood Parish Church, was a contralto in St Mary’s Church choir and helped to run an amateur dramatics group.

The pensioner, who lived in Newthorpe and Nuthall before moving to Eastwood, wanted to thank everyone for making her birthday ‘extra special’.

“My life has been enriched by a wonderful family and many caring friends”, she said.

Anne has two children, four grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and a great-great grandson.

She was born in Scotland before moving to Nottinghamshire as a child.