Believing can change everything

CAN you recall Victor Meldrew in the television programme One foot in the Grave, whose main statement was “I don’t believe it”?

These words seem to have been able to cover most of the situations in his life.

It also seems to have been a central statement in so many of our lives for most of time. Even Thomas, one of the disciples close to Jesus, expressed that feeling when told that Jesus was risen from the dead his reply was

“I will not believe until I can touch the scars in his hand and side.”

Later on when Jesus appeared among the gathered disciples he was able to do that and believed.

However, we can all learn from what Jesus said to him, “Thomas blessed are you who have seen and believe, blessed are those who have believed and not seen.”

Those words must give us all something to think about. I am the first to accept that not everyone wants to share my faith But I want to challenge you!

Believing can and does, make a great difference.

I believe my Christian faith makes a difference, but I am sure that my challenge is more than that.

Either we have become a nation of total sceptics or just have lost faith in believing in that which is around us.

Come on folks, lets start believing and see if we can’t make a difference in our lives and community. How you may ask, simply by starting to believe in each other, believe that we can make a difference in the community that we live in and act on it.

There are many illustrations that can be drawn on where this has worked to the benefit of all concerned. So, whatever you choose to believe, give it a try we can only benefit from it.

I will close by recalling some words of Jesus that I believe matters “do not be afraid, only believe.”

Even Victor Meldrew found that even in his mixed up world having a bit of belief changed things.

God bless you all.

John Farrington