Big stores could be hit with bill for £1m

Sainsbury's Kimberley.
Sainsbury's Kimberley.

Big businesses in the Advertiser district could have to pay more into the public purse under proposals being considered by Broxtowe Borough Council.

At a meeting this week, councillors discussed whether to support a national bid by some authorities to give councils power to impose levies on major retailers.

Local stores that could be subject to the levy include Sainsbury’s on Greens Lane in Kimberley, Morrisons on Derby Road in Eastwood and Ikea in Giltbrook.

It could potentially land up to nine firms with an extra bill of more than £1 million.

A group of local authorities have come together seeking support from Government.

It would only apply to stores that have a rateable value above £500,000.

Cllr Milan Radulovic, the leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, said that he is very much for the levy.

He added: “We would like the opportunity to try and regress the effect on the high street of these supermarkets.

“They do employ a lot of people, and we accept that, but local businesses are struggling, they have had a rough time and that’s partly due to supermarkets.

“I would use money from the levy to allow free parking in the town centres to encourage people to shop there.”

The levy would raise just over £1 million for Broxtowe Borough Council, which would then be injected back into the community.

The proposals have come as a result of claims that for every £1 spent in a large supermarket or store, only 5% goes to the local community.

A spokesman for the British Retail Consortium said: “The BRC are working directly with national government on the issue of tax and will respond to any proposals that it makes.”

The local stores potentially affected refused to comment.