Blow to Kimberley tram plans as council leaders branded 'uninterested'

Kimberley trams won't happen.
Kimberley trams won't happen.

A senior councillor says a long hoped for extension to bring Nottingham trams into Kimberley "won't happen".

Councillor Dave Liversidge a newly-appointed chairman of a group which brings together experts from NET, the county and city councils and other groups, said speaking at a meeting that leaders at the Conservative lead Broxtowe Borough Council showed little interest towards a Phoenix Park to Kimberley line.

He said: “There’s a chance of extending one from Phoenix Park outwards towards Kimberley although that’s unlikely because I don’t think Broxtowe Borough Council is interested.

“My guess, and it would only be a guess, is that the Phoenix to Kimberley won’t work, it won’t happen."

Now Councillor Richard Robinson, borough council Labour member for Kimberley, who has been campaigning for a tram is trying to change Councillor Liversidge's opinion.

He said: "I have telephoned Coun Liversidge today, and hope to meet with him next week.

"Some of the Conservative councillors on the ruling group at Broxtowe have said they are not interested in the tram extension. However they do not speak for or indeed represent the views of vast majority of people in Kimberley, Eastwood and Amber Valley.

"There is a substantial amount of work currently being undertaken together with local businesses, MPs, parish councils, individuals, and residents groups to support the tram extension and the huge boost to local business and growth, as well as reduction in traffic congestion that it will bring along the A610 corridor.

"We are also working together with councillors in the north of borough from across the party political spectrum, to ensure there is a joined-up approach to securing investment for the north of Broxtowe"

Your Advertiser cannot get hold of Broxtowe Council leader Councillor Richard Jackson for a comment.