BNP councillor Sadie Graham sacked by party

Brinsley councillor Sadie Graham has been expelled from the British National Party in a row which has split support for the extreme nationalist party.

Miss Graham, a group development officer, her fiancee Matt Single and Kenny Smith, head of administration, were kicked out for allegedly setting up "a treasonous blogspot designed to attack and smear fellow party officials" according to a statement on the party's website.

The site also contains a transcript of an alleged conversation between the pair and Matt Single - after they were apparently bugged in Miss Graham's Brinsley home - in which Mr Smith explains to Miss Graham how she can contribute to a new blog he has set up.

The blog, called "enough is enough Nick", is critical of senior BNP members.

The statement on the BNP website said the Miss Graham and Mr Smith had been "removed from their posts with immediate effect on the grounds of alleged gross misconduct and now face disciplinary charges over alleged offences against the BNP Constitution and Code of Conduct."

The blog was described as "a sordid factional power-grab" designed to subvert leader Nick Griffen and has attracted over 100 messages of support.

Miss Graham, who could not be contacted, was elected to represent Brinsley in Broxtowe Borough Council in this year's May elections.

Her fiancee Matt Single - also sacked from the BNP - said that a personal computer belonging to Miss Graham had been taken by two BNP activists over the weekend while they were retrieving property belonging to the BNP.

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said: "As far as we know two people have gone around to an address in Underwood to collect property that belongs to the party.

"They were let in by a keyholder and took a laptop and a computer. It isn't clear whether the computer is BNP property."

Mr Single, who was formerly a BNP organiser in Essex and "responsible for training party members in counter-intelligence" said that the expulsion had hit him and Miss Graham hard.

He added that Miss Graham would continue to represent Brinsley as an independent candidate.

A spokesperson for Broxtowe Borough Council said the council had not yet been informed of any change.

Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer said: "This is a fairly familiar pattern in extreme groups: they attract pugnacious people, who then turn on each other in conspiratorial and aggressive ways which seem more enthralling than the job of simply representing people."

Six weeks ago, Cllr James Lloyd, BNP member for Princes End in Tipton, was disqualified from office at Sandwell council in Birmingham after missing meetings for six months and failing to give an explanation.