Book will delve in to veterans lives

A heritage group in Jacksdale is writing a book about the survivors of World War one and how their lives were affected following their experiences on the front line.

Jacksdale Heritage has been awarded a £45,000 grant to fund the book which will delve into the lives of war veterans in Jacksdale and Westwood looking at how war life affected them in later years.

Group secretary Carol Taylor-Cockayne said: “We believe a lot died prematurely. The war didn’t just kill people it affected them for the rest of their lives and they had no help in those days. They didn’t recognise PTSD.

“We’ve read about men who just dropped dead in the street – thought to be from shrapnel wounds during the war.

“Some men in Jacksdale killed themselves. One man’s injuries were so bad he hung himself. He just couldn’t cope anymore.”

The group of 12 is two years in to the four year project.

Their research has included going through local newspaper archives looking for people who served in the war, but now they want to hear from anyone who had a relative who served, or anyone who has stories to tell at all about village life from 1900 onwards.

“We would love to hear from anybody who has any history about Jacksdale, Westwood or who has any knowledge of anyone named on the war memorial,” said Carol.

The book will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One next year.

The group will start writing the book later this year and it will be published next year.

The grant from Heritage Lottery Fund paid for aerial photography of the village and equipment for research.