Borough’s bin collection receives most complaints in county

Broxtowe Borough Council’s waste collection system was the fourth most complained about in the country, a new report by the BBC has revealed.

More than 1.8 million complaints about rubbish not being collected from homes were made to UK councils in 2018, and Broxtowe’s waste system showed as one of the biggest culprits nationally.

Waste collections.

Waste collections.

The council was the most complained authority in Nottinghamshire for its service, with figures suggesting that the council received 289 complaints for every 1,000 households in 2018.

Nationally the number of complaints is said to be up nearly a third on data from 2014, and on average there was 4,500 complaints made to councils every day last year.

Council figures suggest that its waste management team makes 3.7 million collections each year and missed 0.3 per cent in 2018,

This means the council missed about 11,000 throughout the year - or 925 bins every month on average.

However Councillor Shane Easom defended the council.

He said: “Missed bins is a complex issue and it is important to note there’s other factors involved - the figures are not a true reflection.

“We offer a service which many other authorities do not, by collecting any bin which has been reported as not being collected, regardless of whether this was due to it genuinely being missed by our crews or whether it was down, the wrong bin being put out or the bin not being put out at all.

“This means that a proportion of the reported number of missed bins have not been missed by the council.

“In December 2017, new collection rounds were introduced to help us collect waste and recycling more efficiently.

“Inevitably this caused an increased in reports during the transition and we’re pleased to report that the latest reported figures for January are more than 1,000 lower than last year.”