Boss does not want town missing out

Good causes struggling for money in Eastwood are being encouraged to apply for lottery funding by the organisation’s chief executive.

Big Lottery Fund chief executive Peter Wanless made a personal appeal to Advertiser readers to submit an application for cash after recognising the town does not get the funding it deserves.

“The National Lottery is currently raising £1.6 billion a year for good causes and we don’t want Eastwood to miss out,” he said. this week.

“Money is available for a wide range of good causes; everything from the arts, to sport, health, sports, heritage, environment and community groups.”

The appeal came after Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero personally quizzed the chief executive in Parliament over what she considered to be ‘a lack of lottery funding’ in her two towns, Eastwood and Mansfield.

She said: “This is something I’ve felt passionately about for a long time and I’ve done everything I can to highlight the problem because Eastwood could and should do much better when it comes to receiving cash.

“I will continue to bang on about this issue until I think it is getting the money it deserves.”

The MP said it was important Eastwood got its ‘fair share’ because it would it give the community more potential to thrive, and could exploit the town’s rich cultural heritage, boosting tourism.

“The area already has some fantastic voluntary groups, hard working charities and great sport clubs,” she said.

“If some of these were able to get access to a bit more money it could make a huge difference in terms of what they are able to offer and do.

“Let’s not forget we also have a rich cultural heritage, including important sites linked to one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. It means there’s fantastic potential for boosting and expanding tourism in the area. This is why it is so important we get our fair share and why I want to Lottery bosses to do more to ensure we aren’t left behind compared to other areas”.

To find out more call the Big Lottery to discuss funding on 0845 275 0000.

The Big Lottery Fund has helped more than 390,0000 good causes to the tune of £29 billion.