BREAKING - Gloria defends Corbyn coup decision

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Nottinghamshire MP Gloria De Piero has defended her decision to resign from the Labour Shadow Cabinet - as part of a front bench coup to oust current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Ashfield and Eastwood MP is one of ten members of the Labour front bench to resign today (Sunday), following the sacking of Hilary Benn MP overnight for plotting against the Labour leader.

Ms De Piero has been both supported and criticised by readers on the Chad’s Facebook page throughout today, but the former GMTV reporter, who was reelected in 2015, said she has the support of Labour voters.

She said: “I have been contacted by many local Labour members since I took the difficult decision of leaving the shadow cabinet.

“Many members support my decision. Others don’t.

“I have also been contacted by Labour voters in Ashfield and every one of them has backed my decision.

“I have read every email but one sticks in my mind and it is from that email that I quote: ‘I am writing to you with regards to your resignation from the shadow cabinet. You have the 100 per cent support of myself and my family, we have been lifelong Labour is with sadness that I need to inform you that my whole family will not vote Labour if Jeremy Corbyn is still in charge”.

“Ashfield needs a Labour government and we need a leader who can deliver that.

“I am only in this job to work and help the people of Ashfield and I will continue to do so. My constituents will always come first.”