BREAKING NEWS: Coronation Park capacity is slashed by 50 per cent

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Safety Officers from Nottinghamshire County Council have ordered a 50 per cent reduction in capacity of two stands at Eastwood Town’s Coronation Park ground because of crowd safety issues.

A new Safety Certificate affecting both stands at Coronation Park was issued today and will come into immediate effect, including at tomorrow’s home match versus Guiseley.

The new Safety Certificate will mean a reduction in the capacity of the East Stand from 390 to 195 and the West Stand from 429 to 214.

The total capacity of both stands will be reduced from 819 to 409.

Attendances for Eastwood Town’s last two home matches have been 321 (versus Gainsborough) and 214 (versus Histon).

The reductions have been introduced after a review of crowd safety issues at the ground following a change in ownership of the club.

Rob Fisher, Group Manager for Emergency Management and Regsitration at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “Nottinghamshire County Council’s priority is for the safety and welbeing of people attending sporting events at stadiums in the county.

“The reduction in capacity reflects the inexperience of the new ownership team in managing crowd safety and therefore reduced confidence in their ability to deal with larger crowds at Coronation Park.

“Recent attendances at Coronation Park have been below the new capacity limit, so it is unlikely the restrictions will have a major bearing on the club or fans in the short term.

“In the meantime we are keen to work with the club to enhance safety management and procedures at the ground. The restrictions will remain under regular review.”

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