Brewery footpath saved for public

NEAA 08-10-12 BE 1 Kimberley cllrs Steve Brunt and Roy Plumb Have got a footpath registered.
NEAA 08-10-12 BE 1 Kimberley cllrs Steve Brunt and Roy Plumb Have got a footpath registered.

A public footpath through woodland at the Kimberley brewery site has been safeguarded from developers thanks to two local town councillors.

Steve Brunt and Roy Plumb collected more than 100 signatures on a petition to get the footpath through Brewery Wood legally registered so it can be kept open for public use.

Cllr Brunt said: “We were very worried because it wasn’t registered we would lose it.

“We got the Ramblers Association on board with our petition, and just members of the local community who might take their kids through there.

“We had such a huge amount of people objecting to the fact that it might be lost.

“It’s safe for the Kimberley community to use for the foreseeable future now which is really great news.

“It’s a very beautiful walk.

Now it is officially registered, Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for maintaing the area.

Definitive maps officer at the council Tim Hart said: “We were contacted by someone at the town council saying they wanted to claim it as a right of way.

“They said it was being used regularly but wasn’t recorded so there was no legal protection.

“It’s now registered on our maps here and the Ordanance Survey have been notified so it will show as a public footpath.

“We are now responsible for keeping it open for public use and if any maintenance work needs doing it’s our responsibility.”

The footpath in Brewery Wood runs round the outskirts of the brewery site land.

When the brewery site was owned by Greene King, a sign was put up saying ‘private property - do not tresspass’.

But after it was bought by Rafiq Vindhani, director of Amfaah Investments, the two councillors began working with him to bring the footpath back to public use.

“Rafiq has been very helpful and didn’t oppose it at all,” said Cllr Brunt. “It made things a lot easier.”

Cllr Brunt said he wanted to thank all the people of Kimberley for ‘coming forward and saving the path from developers’.

“They have saved a bit of countryside for themselves,” he added.