Brewery plan ‘pitiful’ and ‘bog standard’

Redevelopment work on the old Kimberley Brewery site on Hardy Street. Photo: Chris Etchells
Redevelopment work on the old Kimberley Brewery site on Hardy Street. Photo: Chris Etchells

New houses planned for the Kimberley Brewery site have been branded ‘pitiful’ and outrageous’ by campaigners.

Members of the Save Our Brewery campaign group say the houses proposed for the next stage of development were not sympathetic to the site’s heritage and said the designs were ‘bog standard’.

Group chairman Darren Warner said: “The design of the houses is pitiful. It’s just a bog standard design that you would put on any development anywhere.

“They are going to be next to listed buildings in a conservation area. It’s outrageous.

“The houses gone up already in Hardy Street are fantastic. But we are now looking at plans that are completely out of keeping with the area. They are totally wrong. It’s disgusting to be honest. Conservation means ‘to conserve’.”

The recent application includes 78 houses split across areas near to Oak Lodge Drive and Nine Corners, the conversion of the maltings building into 18 apartments, conversion of the tower into two apartments and the new build of a three storey apartment block for 24 apartments.

The application was initially submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council back in 2013 when most of the plans were drawn up, but owners of the site have recently instructed new builders and as a result the landscaping, layout and design has changed.

“Things have changed and they have digressed from the original plans,” said Mr Warner.

“I’m in the building trade and I know how it works. It’s a bog standard design that they can use at any site, but this is not a normal site. It saves them money becasue they don’t have to draw up new plans.”

The SOBS chairman said he was not against the development, just the design.

“My problem is mainly with the houses near Oak Lodge Drive near the stable block. They have to be more in-keeping.

“We don’t want to put a spanner in the works. We want to see this go ahead. But go ahead approriately.”

SOBS battled, with success, to get plans altered with the properties in Hardy Street.

“With Hardy Street the builders adhered the strict rules and the development was in-keeping. Ironically this latest plan is right in the centre of the former brewery complex - it’s the most important bit.

“We feel like it’s back to square one again. We thought our work was done but we might have to reconvene again.

“We will take them on though and do whatever it takes,” he added.

A spokesperson from Fairgrove Homes said:

Kimberley Town Council was due to discuss the plans at a meeting last night, just after the Advertiser went to press.