Brexit blamed for rise in unemployment


Brexit has been blamed for contributing to lack of investment which has seen Broxtowe’s unemployment rate rising by eight per cent this year.

In Broxtowe the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in December was 1,015 – a rise of eight per cent year on year.

However, for young people aged 18-24, unemployment fell by 10.9 per cent.

Simon Lavelle, Department for Work and Pensions spokesman for Nottinghamshire, said: “There is an unstable market around the area.

“Existing employers are not investing as much as is needed.

“Brexit seems to be proving a big worry in terms of investing.”

He said employers should give older workers on the job market a better chance.

The recent focus had been on apprenticeships for people aged 18-24 and getting this age group into work.

Mr Lavelle said: “Overall employers are not taking on older workers in the age group 45-50. We have been engaging with employers to persuade them these people are reliable and to change their way of thinking.

“When people have been made redundant it has been difficult to get them back into work.

“We want to reeducate employers to see these people are more reliable and may have worked for 10 or 15 years for the same employer and should be given a chance.”

The general national trend in unemployment is down – government ministers say employment nationally remains at a record high.

Chris Hobson, East Midlands Chamber director of policy, said: “The uncertainty of Brexit is a problem for employers all over the country. Many are hesitating when it comes to investment and recruitment and it’s important the Government takes steps as soon as possible to offer businesses some sort of guidance.”