Bring back our Moorgreen show

Farmer David Redgate who is trying to bring back the Moorgreen Show.
Farmer David Redgate who is trying to bring back the Moorgreen Show.

A devoted farmer who attended the Moorgreen Show for over 50 years has vowed to bring it back to life.

Former show chairman and current show secretary, David Redgate, is working to get the show up and running again for next summer but needs more support to make it a reality.

This summer was the first time in 90 years that the show did not go ahead because they could not afford to host it.

The 67-year-old farmer of Coney Grey Farm in Brinsley explained that the show had been losing £17,000 a year for the last five years and was no longer financially viable.

He added: “It was decided that the show was finished and would have to shut down permanently.

“But I decided that I wasn’t going to have this and the show has to carry on.

“A lot of people have put a lot of effort into into keeping it going and it would be a bit of a let down to them if we don’t at least try.”

As the amount of money they have to restart the show is considerably less than the amount they had in previous years, Mr Redgate said that they will be relying heavily on their sponsors, including Broxtow Borough Council and Greasley Parish council.

Unfortunately the showground which has been used in previous years is now being used to grow wheat, so Mr Redgate is investigating at two potential sites for the return of the popular show.

Mr Redgate said that he wanted to go back to the traditional style of agricultural show which it began as in 1849 with ploughing matches.

He added: “We are not going to rush into it, so if it can’t happen next summer we will be planning for 2016.

“It would be so disappointing though if we cannot get it going again.”

The only other time that the popular show did not go ahead was between 1914 and 1923 when Britain was at war and recovering from the great losses of the war.

Cllr Michael Brown of Greasley Parish Council said any funding requests would have to be discussed by the full council.

The next meeting to look at relaunching the show will take place on November 12 at Forester’s Arms, Main Street in Newthorpe at 7.30pm.

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