Brinsley Coffin Walk

St. Mary's church Greasley
St. Mary's church Greasley

The annual Coffin Walk will take place on Saturday August 9 to commemorate the days before Brinsley Church was built and coffins of deceased persons in the parish had to be carried over the fields to Greasley Church.

It will set off at 9.30am from Brinsley Church Car Park and will trek across the fields to the church of St Mary’s Greasley - the mother church of Brinsley prior to the construction of St James Church in 1838.

The ancient coffin walk was revived about ten years ago to remind villagers how difficult life was before the Chapel of Ease in Brinsley became a Parish church in 1861 so the walkers always carry a miniature coffin with them containing a tiny shrouded body.

The coffin walkers will be met at Greasley where a short service and ceremony takes place around the grave of the former joint vicar of Brinsley and Greasley Revd John Hides, and anyone is welcome to join.