‘Brinsley will become town’

A RESIDENT in Brinsley says he is concerned about the number of houses planned to be built in the area.

John Holford, of Plainsport Road, said Brinsley was one of the only villages left in the area, and it would be ‘more like a town’ if all the suggested housing developments were built.

“Brinsley is one of the few villages left in the area and once we start building hundreds of houses we are going to be more like a town than a village,” he said.

Mr Holford, 70, said the Eastwood and Kimberley area is ‘unrecognisable’ compared to 50 years ago.

“When I look back to my childhood, these localities have changed beyond all recognition. In the last 50 years things have drastically changed, so God knows what these areas will look like in another 50 years.

“Nuthall used to be a tiny place. Now you have got the M1, houses everywhere. It’s frightening. The country I once knew is not the country we have today.”

Broxtowe Borough Council is planning on building nearly 6,000 houses in the borough between now and 2025.

Suggested sites – many in greenbelt – have been allocated on the council website, including 1,500 new homes in Brinsley, sparking fury across the region although the council has stressed these are still just possible sites and are not necessarily going to be used.

But Mr Holford said: “There’s not going to be any green spaces left. This country is over-populated already. We don’t have the room.

“I would like to see the sites around Brinsley in particular remain as farmland.”

For the full list of suggested sites for development visit broxtowe.gov.uk.